Tips for Growing Plants at Home

By John | 05 October 2017 | 5 Comments
There are lots of tips for growing plants at home. Some waste in our daily life can be fertilizer for plants. So let us recommend some useful tips for you!

Tips 1 of watering: Watering plants with residual tea. This method not only can keep the moisture in the soil, but also provide plants with the nourishment. You should keep an eye on the humidity of soil and
regularly water the plants.

Tips 2 of watering: Watering plants with spoiled milk is beneficial for plant’s growth, but you should add some water to dilute the milk. The unleavened milk is not suitable forwatering, because the milk will generate heat when it ferments. This reaction will “burn” the plant’s root.

Tips 3 of watering: Watering plants with cold boiled water in summer. This way can promote early flowering.
Tips for fertilizing:
Give your garden a good breakfast; coffee grounds and eggshells are ideal as compost. Burying these kinds of fertilizer in soil is good for plant’s growth.

You should prevent the worm and disease when you grow plants at home. Spring is the time for vigorous growth. At this time you can spray one to three times with 1% Bordeaux, which can effectively solve your problem.
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